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Nicola Moughton

11 February 2020

11 February


Nicola is incredible! Having someone to share ideas with, who puts a different perspective on things, and someone who has encouraged me to pursue my ideas. Th...
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annette atherton

05 December 2019

05 December


Nicola is fab and ive changed soo much because of her for the better. HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Carly Norman

01 November 2019

01 November


Nicola is truly one of the most caring people I know. She sensed a vulnerability, but also a power within me and has been working to help me banish my limiting ...
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Gergana Nalbantova

31 October 2019

31 October


Nicola is one and only! She changed my life so much for the last months we work together and she is honestly the best person and coach, and friend, nearly feels...
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